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John "Redhawk" Gutierrez
food access coordinator

John “Redhawk” Gutierrez—a passionate nature enthusiast deeply captivated by the wonders of ecology, flora, fauna and fungi. With roots nestled in Texas and Northern Mexico, Redhawk holds a profound love for these rich, diverse lands and waters.

For several years, Redhawk has been an active contributor to the community, serving as an environmental science teacher, community organizer, herbalist and dedicated student.

Driven by a deep-seated interest in transformational justice, community agriculture, education, habitat restoration and the arts, Redhawk sees these avenues as potent tools for effecting social change and facilitating generational healing.

With a vision firmly fixed on a future woven from ancestral wisdom, the nurturing embrace of the land and collective liberation, Redhawk aspires to co-create this vision.
Joining the Farmshare team is an honor for Redhawk, embraced by like-minded spirits. Cheers to the journey ahead, where aligned hearts and shared dreams pave the way for a brighter future.

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