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At Farmshare Austin, our mission is to grow a healthy, just and equitable local food system by increasing community food access and cultivating new farmers.
We envision a future of resilient local food economies that ensures equitable access to food and to the resources needed to farm. 
Farmshare Austin builds bridges between the produce grown on our 13-acre certified organic farm in Eastern Travis County and food access programs reaching food insecure communities in Central Texas.

What we do:


Our key educational objective is to grow more Central Texas farmers to strengthen the local food system. Farmer Starter is a 20-week program designed to provide aspiring farmers with the essential skills and training needed to manage a sustainable farming business. We also offer community classes and continuing education workshops for working farmers.

Food Access:  

The result of our combined efforts will improve the availability of healthy, sustainably produced food to portions of the population that currently have the least access to it. We address cultural and cost barriers through programs and partnerships. 

Farmshare provides food access directly to neighborhoods experiencing geographic and economic barriers to good food by bringing Mobile Markets directly to them. These farm stands operate as part of the City of Austin’s Fresh for Less Initiative. We offer produce grown on our farm, produce from other Texas farms and high-quality, shelf-stable food products, all at reduced prices.

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