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Memo comes to Farmshare with a background in non-profit and higher-ed communications, having served several years at Austin Community College, the UT School of Nursing and more. They received their B.S. in Radio-Television-Film from UT Austin with a focus on documentary filmmaking and media studies, leaning into intentional storytelling and lifting underrepresented voices. They also currently serve at ACC as a Food Access Coordinator for the North & Central regions of the college.

They also are an active member of the cooperative movement and managed food service at several housing cooperatives in Austin and hope to aid in the creation of another Food Cooperative in the eastern crescent of Austin. 

Their family owns several Mexican restaurants in Connecticut, and it was with family that connections between food and love were fostered. This all has carried into their professional career, and they are looking forward to spreading Farmshare’s mission with intention, love and equity. 

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