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Hailing from the suburbs of the City of Brotherly Love, Adachi is a graduate of the Farmer Starter program herself. With a majority of her large family living in their home country Nigeria in West Africa, food insecurity is a global human rights issue that has always been near and dear to their heart. They obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Minor in Studio Arts: Photography from Trinity College (Hartford, CT). As a sociology student living in an urban food desert where residents experienced evident racial disparities, she found herself consciously reflecting on the ways in which her options and access to healthy food, along with millions of other Americans’, were inadvertently decided for her. Deeply resonating with Farmshare’s purposeful commitment to increase food access in historically disenfranchised communities and to empower aspiring growers with the skills to sustainably and organically farm, she feels she's found the farming community for her.


A natural born flower child, their floral fascination started young and certainly has blossomed into more than just a hobby over the years. Captivated by the vast world of cut and edible flowers, Adachi continues to explore its diverse intricacies and expand her knowledge through practical education experience on and off the farm.

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